Tactical Firearms Training Courses

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Training Courses:

Special Courses

Children's Self Defense and Safety Crime Scene Cleanup Certification Managing Violent People
Surviving a Mass Shooter
Verbal Judo
Suicide Bomber Recognition
Civilian Counter-Terrorism Course HR-218 Firearms for retired police
  • Tactical Training
  • Woman's Self Defense Training
  • S.W.A.T Training
  • Bodyguard Training
  • Pressure Points Training
  • Knife Fighting
  • Kodokan Judo
Lethal Weapons Courses

Women's Firearms Training
Tactical Shotgun
Gunfight Survival
AR-15 Assault Rifle Training
Basic Firearms Training
Knife Fighting Course
Bulls Eye Shooting Skills
Glock Pistol Course
Tactical Home Defense
Point Shooting
Tactical Firearms Shooting NRA
Firearms Instructor Course
Concealed Weapons Class
Self Defense Courses

ASP Baton Certification
OC Pepper for Self Defense Pressure Point Control Techniques
Self Defense for Men & Women Rape Prevention & Awareness Self Defense for Women Only
Gun and knife defense
Professional Training

High Risk Building Searches
OC Pepper Certification Class
State of FL "G" Firearms Class
Learn to be a Private Investigator
Basic Handcuffing Certification
Basic Bodyguard Training
Advanced Bodyguard Techniques
Basic SWAT School
Learn how to be a Bodyguard


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